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Our signature FARM BOX is ideal for families and households that prepare meals on a regular basis. Each farm box includes an abundant variety of seasonal specialty items like carrots, potatoes, leafy greens, culinary herbs, flowers, and fruit items as they roll in from the fields.

Items such as pasture-raised hens' eggs, fresh-baked bread, locally grown and milled flours, and even local craft beer can be added to your farm box by simply pressing the right buttons on the online store! 

Choose from one of two sizes:

"LARGE" typically includes 10-12 items
(our most popular size!)

"SMALL" typically includes 7-10 items
(individuals and newcomers like this one!)

Pick-up is QUICK & SAFE each SUNDAY afternoon at one of several convenient curbside (drive-through or walk/bike/skate!) pickup locations across town. Local delivery is available.


*Subscribers who have signed up for recurring orders will be charged on a Friday, and the order will be fulfilled two days later, on Sunday.

** All farmbox subscribers will receive our weekly newsletter with seasonal recipes and growing tips, and will have priority in participating at our on-site farm events throughout the season!